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No. 12


The Change


Fragile Island

At the turn of the tide the surf was wild! It peeled over itself in rolls, piled up rushing at the edge of this fragile island Swells...


Speck A dot Trying For form And freedom To abide Extant A purpose Acceptance

Thunder Drum

Epic Display Works of fire Rockets and wheels reels and peals that ring and roll Thunder drum Tumble and run The rumble of the lightning...

Calm Today



Pin Ball

Anatomy of a Word

A vowel a quality of tone Contained and given form by percussive consonants A sharpness of tongue restrains the open A pursing of lips...

February Freedom

What follows is my response to some of the ensembles that emerged in this February's Freedom session at the Vortex Jazz Club. February...


Ascomposer| Production Music | Soundscapes | Classical Guitar & Harp Music | England

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