Inhalations and Illuminations -

Mysterium - A harp improvisation - recorded at Campbell's online Ceilidh, December 2020.

Puremonics is short for pure harmonics. Some of these pieces use pure harmonic frequency and pulse ratios and portions of the harmonic series as pitch material. Software and retuned instruments are used to achieve the microtonal pitches necessary. 

Two violins and pure harmonic synths.

Cymatic visuals by Zach Walker.

As daylight progresses,

intensifies, grows,

softens and mellows,

Violins breath amidst harmonic reflections

of the sun

Bahia Concepcion I -

Solo Piano

Waves are born of stillness

grow in intensity

and reach static plateaus

To Tregardock -

Pure harmonic solo piano

Amorphous formations rise and fall

Inspired by walks along North Cornwall's coast looking down at submerged rock formations; changing depths, refracted shapes and reflections.

Pure harmonic synths

Harmonic strings entwine

broadening into a spiralling

evolving vortex.

A solitary voice emerges

exploring its existence

between cosmic winds

and deep primordial tones.

Digital Whispers IV -

Piano, violin, double bass, electronics

A sparse landscape of pulses, processed violin and minimal bass.

Written for Kinisi Dance Company and performed on 7th May 2011 in St Albans.

Ascomposer | Classical Guitar & Harp Music | England