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therapeutic soundscape of pure harmonic ratios and waves of gong transforming into waves of ocean.

Written for Titans - an exhibition of sculptures by world renowned artist Wallace Chan at One Canada Square, Canary Wharf, London, April 2022.

Inhalations and Illuminations -

The complex primordial sounds of gongs will help you to let go, and serve to shift and free up any areas of restriction or imbalance. Gradually we move towards more harmonious sounds, until you are immersed in a harmonic field of balanced proportions. Become absorbed in this soundscape and allow yourself to resonate in sympathy with its harmony. Let it realign you, restoring you to balance and contentment. Happy sound journeys! Make sure you are fully grounded and present before returning to normal activities.

The Music of the Spheres - A journey through the solar system! We start at the sun with mercury in its orbit. We then travel out from our star towards the outer planets, hearing all planetary frequencies on the way. The sun's presence begins to fade with the increasing distance, and the orbits of the planets begin to reveal their cosmic ethereal harmony. At neptune, the sun's influence momentarily disappears and we are left with the music of the spheres... We turn and are drawn backwards, passing the outer planets again until we reach our Earth where our journey ends. Re-entry!


The orbital frequencies are those derived by Hans Cousto (The Cosmic Octave). Choice of octave, pulse and durations are purely aesthetic and for effect. I hope you find my lo-fi video fun. Actual planetary images are by Peter Smith (see featured channels) through his hand-crafted 20" Dobsonian telescope.

Total Harmonic Immersion - A therapeutic soundscape of pure harmonic intervals. The piece begins with superimposed sources of white noise.

Let yourself be transported to the Earth's highest mountains.

The air is crisp and clear. Everything remains untouched by the activity and concerns of modern life. Here, the world is ancient! Mysticism and magic still have presence and great power!

The paintings are by Nicholas Roerich (1874-1947) a Russian painter, writer, archaeologist, theosophist and philosopher. He could feel and see the mysticism of these high places.

Mysterium - A harp improvisation - recorded at Campbell's online Ceilidh, December 2020.

Puremonics is short for pure harmonics. Some of these pieces use pure harmonic frequency and pulse ratios and portions of the harmonic series as pitch material. Software and retuned instruments are used to achieve the microtonal pitches necessary. 

Two violins and pure harmonic synths.

Cymatic visuals by Zach Walker.

As daylight progresses,

intensifies, grows,

softens and mellows,

Violins breath amidst harmonic reflections

of the sun

Bahia Concepcion I -

Solo Piano

Waves are born of stillness

grow in intensity

and reach static plateaus

To Tregardock -

Pure harmonic solo piano

Amorphous formations rise and fall

Inspired by walks along North Cornwall's coast looking down at submerged rock formations; changing depths, refracted shapes and reflections.

Pure harmonic synths

Harmonic strings entwine

broadening into a spiralling

evolving vortex.

A solitary voice emerges

exploring its existence

between cosmic winds

and deep primordial tones.

Digital Whispers IV -

Piano, violin, double bass, electronics

A sparse landscape of pulses, processed violin and minimal bass.

Written for Kinisi Dance Company and performed on 7th May 2011 in St Albans.

Ascomposer| Production Music | Soundscapes | Classical Guitar & Harp Music | England

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