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  • Alistair Smith

Fragile Island

At the turn of the tide

the surf was wild!

It peeled over itself

in rolls, piled up

rushing at the edge

of this fragile island

Swells converged

combined their strength

and pounded the stones

in deep tones of bass percussion

I could feel it through my feet

and I too, became fragile

a mere filament

a blown blade of the verge

exposed to shiver and bend to its energy

my mind driftwood on its motion

In surrender I was buffeted in its element

willingly I tumbled upon its rumbling viscosity

surface tension exploding on flint nodes

impact dissolution!

In yearning sympathy

my body too, lost its solidity

It caved in as I gave in to its power

and in my dissolution

my energy was scattered to the surf and wind

Diffuse and disparate

I let go of location and abandoned myself

Marooned though I was

in my own fragile island

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