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For solo piano Based on Debussy's uses of dominant 7th chords. Written for Julia Moore for Valentine's day.

Composition - The Waves

For solo violin A pure harmonic work using breathing rhythms and wave-like structures.


Solo piano Written for Jo Golden for her 60th birthday.

Composition - Coalescence I

For Flute, Violin, Clarinet and Horn A pure harmonic work exploring different ways that sound can come together.

Composition - To Tregardock

To Tregardock - Submerged formations I, for pure harmonic solo piano. Inspired by walks along North Cornwall's coast, looking down at...

Composition - To The Lighthouse

For piano and flute Completed in February 2014, performed on 22nd March in Chelmsford, Essex. A tonal piece for piano and flute....

Spectral Soundscape I

Spectral Soundscape I A tapestry of pulses and ethereal spetra. Played almost wholly on processed and looped electric guitar, with a...

Composition for Solo Flute

The Call of Isis A through-composed piece for Solo Flute, written for Georgina Philip's birthday, January 2014.

Harmonic Crystals

Experimenting with pure harmonic ratio relationships, creating structures analogous to crystals. Looking into the material's potential to...

Improvised Spectral Project

Formed spectral improv band: Looped electric guitar, flute, tabla and microtonal keyboard. Using simple pulses and harmonic series to...

Dance Collaboration

Digital Whispers A commission for London based Kinisi Dance Company, an electro-acoustic score. Performed 7th May in St Albans, UK.

Short Film Collaboration

Everything is Everyday For piano and cello, Soundtrack for a short film by filmmaker Patrick Tarrant.

Composition Performance - Wales

Piece for 2 pianos, electric guitar, bass guitar, clarinet and laptop. A minimilist construction of some classic house music material....

Dance Collaboration - Canada

"The Not Happening Was so Sudden That I stayed There Forever'. For cello and piano. A commission for Canadian contemporary Flamenco...

Composition Performance: String Theory

A microtonal piece for solo violin, based on the harmonic series generated from the frequencies of the instrument's open strings. Written...


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